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PVC pipes and conduits are available for different applications in diameters ranging from 15mm up to 630mm. PVC pipes for pressure applications are available in pressure ratings from PN6 up to PN25 in the case of PVC-O pipe (nominal working pressures from 0.6 to 2.5 MPa).

PVC pipes are normally available in effective lengths of 6 + 0.05, -0 m. This does not include the length of the socket. Pipes can be supplied in different lengths as agreed by the purchaser and supplier.

Notwithstanding current advantages afforded by PVC pipe, the industry is continuing to improve upon its technology. Through research and development both in raw materials and processing technology, the PVC pipe industry is striving to make the best possible pipe and fitting products.

PVC pipe is a product of modern technology, offering reliable and durable service to a variety of consumers (i.e. contractors, engineers, operators, industries, utilities, and irrigation districts). PVC is a tried and proven performer. PVC pipes have been in service in Germany for over 75 years, a credit to PVC's inherently superior characteristics and thorough engineering design.

Recent innovations in pipe manufacture have led to the availability of new products such as oriented PVC (PVC-O) and modified PVC (PVC-M) pressure pipes, and multi-layer lightweight non-pressure pipes and electrical conduits.