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The Australian PVC industry's Product Stewardship Program is a voluntary initiative setting out a series of commitments to address environmental and health issues associated with the life cycle of PVC. These commitments bind the Signatories to deliver specific outcomes.

The commitments in the initiative address:

  • Targeted phase-outs of heavy metal stabilisers
  • A policy on the safe use of phthalate plasticisers
  • Avoidance of Mercury
  • Post consumer and building waste recycling
  • Emissions in resin manufacturing
  • Public reporting and research
  • Life cycle thinking

Progress is gained by providing administrative support and setting realistic time frames for the delivery of key undertakings in production and storage, the safe use of additives, waste management, research and public reporting.productstewardshiplogo

Through the Product Stewardship Program, the industry is working to reduce further the environmental impact of PVC manufacture and expand options for sustainable PVC waste management in Australia.

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