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Superior Toughness: PVC Pipes vs. Ductile Iron

New study uses triple Extreme field installation testing to demonstrate superior toughness and durability of PVC Pipes 

PVC-O has established an enviable reputation as a high performance, durable pipe material which is ideal for pressure pipe and water supply applications. It is
light and easy to handle, but tough and resistant to damage



 PVC Pipe Longevity Report - Affordability and the 100+ Year Benchmark Study, May 2014

This study published by the Utah State University (USU) buried structures laboratory takes a comprehensive look at PVC pipe excavations, testing and life cycle analysis. The key findings? A combination of pipe examination and testing data in conjunction with previous pipe break studies support PVC's longevity in excess of 100 years.



70 years of experience with PVC Pipe
Thomas Hulsmann, European Vinyl Corp GmbH & Reinhard E. Nowack, ALPHACON Omniplast GmbH

This study shows the results of comprehensive testing carried out on pipes produced in the 1930's and 1950's to compare against the current norms. The results provide an excellent basis on which to compare the data from the original long term pressure tests with actual results from 70 year old pipes.