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PVC pipes are the established pipe material for sewer mains.

Long have PVC pipes been recognised for their many advantages such as long length, ease of handling and installation, resistance to root penetration and its proven performance. PVC pipe systems also overcome the problems of water infiltration and sewerage exfiltration.

PVC Sewer Pipes are Proven, Reliable and Cost-Efficient

With over 40 years of successful use for sewer systems in Australia, PVC sewer pipes offer a good track record for performance to be gauged. Sewers need to be well sealed and flexible systems to overcome infiltration, exfiltration, tree root intrusion and ground movement; occurrence of any of these issues can be very unpleasant for surrounding communities, and costly for the water authorities. The pipe system joint method and reliability therefore, are crucial factors in ensuring a well performing sewer system.

Download Report - PVC Pipes - Clearly the Best Choice for Sewer Pipes in Australia

It is critical when choosing the right product for the system to determine its service life and overall costs including the cost of the pipe, installation costs, maintenance and repair costs, depreciation and the total asset cost. PVC pipes not only offer proven performance but also deliver on installation and repair cost factors.

In a new research paper now available leading Australian industry experts review PVC and its over 40 years of application in Australia for sewer and sanitary drainage pipes is examined and compared to alternative products.

This paper examines its long history and many key benefits of PVC pipes over alternatives such as longevity, resistance to tree root intrusion, structural performance and material efficiency.