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PVC pipes are the outstanding choice for domestic plumbing and drainage connections.

PVC Pipes Benefits for Plumbing

PVC piping is highly resistant to many of the problems that plague copper piping – the traditional piping used in plumbing. Extreme heat does not adversely affect PVC pipes whereas it can cause copper pipes to crack over time. PVC is also resistant to corrosion, which means it can last longer in most installations than copper – in fact PVC pipes have over 50 years of performance history. PVC is also resistant to the effects of  chemicals that cause wear in copper, which prevents dangerous chemicals from getting into the water being pumped through PVC pipes.

Cost Savings

PVC pipe can be a cost effective plumbing material. It can be transported for less than the cost of transporting copper pipes or concrete conduits. It requires less manpower to handle the lighter PVC pipe, which saves on personnel costs. PVC also lasts longer than copper, clay or concrete plumbing, which makes it a better long-term investment for the property owner or the municipality installing the PVC.

New-generation, material-efficient PVC pipes come in long lengths offering high resistant to tree root penetration.

Effective drain waste and vent systems have been designed to meet the strict requirements of Australian water authorities. Again, ease of installation, a wide range of fittings and low operating noise levels are prime reasons for choosing PVC pipes.