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Large Diameter PVC pipes best solution for medium and high pressure pipeline networks

High-pressure DN450 and 600mm PVC-O water pipelines are virtually indestructible with extremely long lifetime.

PVC‐O pipes are the most advanced pipes for the conveyance of high‐pressure water on the market. The new release of PVC‐O pipe up to diameters DN 600 mm make them the best solution for medium and high pressure networks for raw and treated water transfer, recycled water systems, irrigation systems and pumping systems. PVC-M (Modified) pipes are also well suited for these processes and continue to be available in sizes up to 600mm.


A challenge of the PVC pipes industry has been to push the traditional limit of PVC‐O pipes past 300mm without lowering the orientation degree and decreasing the material quality, ensuring pipes are available for pressure ranges up to 25 Bar. The technology has now been developed to produce PVC-O pipe up to and even beyond 600mm.

Total installed PVC‐O capacity is estimated by equipment manufacturer Molecor to amount to around 17,000 tonnes per year in Australia, 18% of the world’s estimated capacity.

The process of molecular orientation greatly enhances PVC’s physical properties and gives PVC‐O a number of exceptional features. It becomes an unbeatable plastic in terms of strength, impact resistance and flexibility without altering its chemical properties. PVC‐O pipes are virtually impossible to destroy by impact, virtually eliminating the possibility of breakages during installation or during on‐site trials caused by dropping or other impacts.


This makes for a plastic with unbeatable qualities in terms of resistance to friction and fatigue, with enhanced flexibility and impact resistance. When used in high‐pressure water pipelines, this type of piping is virtually indestructible and is expected to have a lifetime in excess of 100 years.

Compared to PE and metal pipes, the relatively thin but strong PVC‐O pipes have greater water volume carrying capacity and lower susceptibility to water hammer, especially compared with steel and cast iron pipes, due to lower wave speed (celerity).

When PVC‐O pipe is used for high pressure pipelines, it has a number of performance and environmental benefits compared to alternative products. The pipe is highly energy‐efficient and environmentally friendly during all its useful life because of the considerable savings in raw material.

DN600 PVC‐O pipe will be less than half the weight of Polyethylene and one third of the weight of equivalent Ductile Iron pipe. Combining their large internal diameter with low friction, PVC‐O can move water faster than the alternatives. The latest PVC‐O pipes are designed to withstand 25 Bar water pressure long term and meet the top Class 500 rating of having a minimum strength of 50MPa.