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US trenchless PVC Pipeline project demonstrates that with trenchless technology, water utilities can do more with less

Trenchless Technology magazine has recently named a Denver Colorado project as 2013 Water Pipeline Rehabilitation Project of the Year for its use of pipe bursting technology combined with Fusible PVC™ Pipe to replace some 70kilometres of cast iron water pipe. 

The company involved in the project – Consolidated Mutual Water Company – needed to look for alternatives to the aged and crumbling pipeline infrastructure due to large numbers of breaks, water quality issues and restricted flows in some areas due to tubercles and pipe size.

“Consolidated began evaluating and testing a variety of equipment, pipe products and procedural methods for using pipe bursting technology. Consolidated decided to proceed with a pipe bursting program to replace 23miles (37klms) of water pipelines, beginning in April 2010 in a service area with antiquated and undersized lines.

“As a result of the success of that phase, Consolidated has continued to use pipe bursting to replace more footage of water line each year, saving the company costs and reducing community disruption.

For demonstrating the value of trenchless in maintaining and upgrading vital infrastructure — while simultaneously reducing costs and disruption — the Consolidated Mutual Water Company Pipe Bursting Program has been named the 2013 Trenchless Technology Project of the Year for Rehabilitation.

Underground Solutions Fusible PVC™ pipes have been used for the entirety of the project. Underground Solutions CEO and President Andy Seidel said that Consolidated is an example for other water utilities and councils. “In a time of constrained utility budgets and tight capital spending, Consolidated Mutual Water Co. has shown that it can rehabilitate more infrastructure and spend less money by adopting trenchless technology.

“Their experience is a call to action for utilities across the country. Through the use of trenchless technology, utilities can actually do more with less. Consolidated illustrates for all of us how utilities can gain ground on their infrastructure problems instead of kicking the can further down the road.”

Download the full magazine article here

Iplex Pipelines Fusible PVC™ pipe systems provide the only method available in Australia to install a continuous, monolithic, seal-ring free PVC pipe, capable of use in numerous trenchless or conventional “open cut” installations. Applications for Fusible PVC Pipeline include pressure and non-pressure pipelines for drinking water, wastewater, electrical, industrial and telecommunications industries.

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