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PVC Pipe Industry News

PVC Industry News from Think Pipes Think PVC

Future Proof Your Pipeline Assets

PVC: Long Life and Durability

PVC pipe’s ultra-smooth surface reduces pumping costs and its leak-free joints eliminate water loss – which can be up to 40 per cent in some old-technology and corrosion-prone piping networks.

PVC pipe’s greatest environmental attribute is perhaps its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance – leading to better water conservation and lower replacement, maintenance and repair costs. PVC’s proven track record supports expectations of a very long service life. PVC has been used for piping since the 1930s1 longer than ductile iron. PVC pipes have a proven performance record of over 50 years in Australia, while overseas studies show the life expectancy of PVC pipes to be over 110 years.TRN Pipe E-guide cover web-0x300454-190x269

PVC pipe is engineered and tested tough. It provides resistance to costly leakage. It offers unmatched corrosion resistance and reliability.

The longevity of PVC pipes means the pipes function more efficiently, reducing maintenance and ongoing work to the pipe, making it more affordable over time.

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Trenchless PVC Pipelines projects set to grow in Australia

While Fusible PVC™ pipes are being increasingly widely being used in trenchless projects in North America and New Zealand, they are yet to be used in Australia. At the recent OzWater 14’ conference held in Brisbane, Iplex Pipelines Australia was logowidely demonstrating the benefits of Fusible PVC™ pipes and its effectiveness for trenchless pipeline projects.logo

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US trenchless PVC Pipeline project demonstrates that with trenchless technology, water utilities can do more with less

Trenchless Technology magazine has recently named a Denver Colorado project as 2013 Water Pipeline Rehabilitation Project of the Year for its use of pipe bursting technology combined with Fusible PVC™ Pipe to replace some 70kilometres of cast iron water pipe. 

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Top 10 Advantages of Trenchless PVC Pipelines VS HDPE

  1. Minimises soil displacement and resulting potential for disturbance to adjacent utilities and surface heave - Drilling the hole and removing and disposing of the soil removed is the most expensive part of trenchless installations. By using Trenchless PVC pipelines, its smaller OD means less soil is required to be removed, reducing drilling and installation time.
  2. Best Solution for Slip lining - Novafuse Fusible PVCTM pipes are potentially the best solution for slip lining, where new PVC pipes are inserted into old pipe systems requiring rehabilitation. Read more on slip lining for Pipelines
  3. More than TWICE the long term tensile strength and safe pulling stress of HDPE - Significantly longer continuous pipelines can be installed using trenchless PVC pipelines compared to any other material, increasing the potential scope of projects planning on using trenchless technology to install new pipelines.
  4. Simplifies maintenance and fittings inventory by having standard fittings and tapping’s
  5. Ease of future maintenance by utility crews as PVC pipes are the easiest to maintain
  6. Greater pull strength and less pipe weight allowing greater material efficiency reducing environmental impact
  7. Fusible PVCTM is easier and faster to install and may be possible to use for installations where HDPE is not suitable
  8. No relaxation period required for reconnection so pipelines can be put into service immediately on connection.
  9. Excellent chemical resistance to hydrocarbon permeation and chlorine induced oxidation over HDPE. PVC has superior resistance to hydrocarbons and water disinfectants than HDPE.
  10. The smaller OD of PVC Pipes allows the use of a smaller expander head when pipe bursting, reducing the force required to break the original pipe and insert the new pipeline and allowing a faster installation. For any given OD, PVC will always have a larger ID, thus greater hydraulic capacity than HDPE
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NEW TECHNICAL PAPER - PVC Pipes for Trenchless Projects

Think Pipes Think PVC has put together Australia's most comprehensive guide about PVC Pipe Trenchless Installation.

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