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PVC Pipe Industry News

PVC Industry News from Think Pipes Think PVC

Molecor Large Diameter PVC-O Pipes tops off prestigious award win by announcing new PVC-O Pipe fittings range

Out of a field of 17 finalists competing for the 2013 prestigious SolVin Awards for PVC Innovation, the Spanish specialist in PVC-O pipes Molecor was named winner of the gold prize. Molecor received the prize for its large-sized PVC-O pipe, which measures up to 630 mm in diameter - 50% larger than previous pipe sizes. This unprecedented diameter size has opened up a whole new market in which these corrosion free PVC pipes can be applied.

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PVC-O Pipes - best solutions for high pressure network water transfer

A challenge of the PVC pipes industry has been to push the traditional limit of PVC-O pipes past 300mm without lowering the orientation degree and decreasing the material quality, ensuring pipes are available for pressure ranges up to 25 bars.

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PVC-O Pipes Superior Performance - NEW TECHNICAL PAPER

In September 2012, I had the privilege of attending and presenting at the international Plastic Pipes XVI Conference in Barcelona. 

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose PVC-O Pipe for Water Infrastructure Projects

  1. PVC-O pipe has been in use since the mid 1970’s,however its usage increased significantly over the past decade with the adoption of national and international standards and advances in manufacturing technology.
  2. PVC-O pipe offers significant benefits to water utilities and contractors. It maintains the excellent properties of PVC-U pipe whilst greatly increasing the strength, impact and crack resistance, ensuring the long term performance of the pipe.The robustness, light weight and flexibility of PVC-O pipes increase the speed of installation and limit the amount of ancillary equipment required to perform the installation.
  3. Because of the high strength of the material, PVC-O pipe uses less raw material for transporting potable water or other fluids than all other pressure pipe types. This results in a larger bore for the same outer diameter, potentially enabling the use of smaller diameter pipes and fittings and/or lowering operational (pumping) costs, giving a lower total life cycle cost and the most sustainable outcome.
  4. PVC-O pipes do not corrode and have proven longevity. They also possess excellent resistance to disinfectant chemicals, making them the ideal solution for water infrastructure.
  5. Experience with the use of PVC-O pipes around the world has yielded good reliable and sound experience that confirms the above advantages are recognised and appreciated by the users.


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