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PVC Pipes offer many advantages for trenchless projects, including features such as long lengths, corrosion resistance, lightweight and ease of installation with minimum disruption.

With major successes in large scale pipeline projects for below ground applications such as sliplining and pipe bursting, PVC Pipes are suitable for a diverse range of trenchless construction projects and are particularly effective in the rehabilitation of existing sewer and water mains.


The benefits of PVC pipe for open-cut construction also makes PVC pipe a superior choice for trenchless installations in capital improvement projects as well as rehabilitation. PVC pipe is manufactured in sizes compatible with cast and ductile iron pipes, thus facilitating its connection to existing pipelines.

For engineers choosing Trenchless PVC Pipeline, the features over traditional pipelines are many

  • Monolithic, fully restrained pipe system available standard ductile iron waterworks fittings to AS/NZS 2280, AS/ NZS 4998 and AS/ NZ 4793
  • PVC is one of the most widely accepted pipe systems used in modern water systems
  • Recommended safe pulling allowance greater than PE for similar pipe ID and pressure class as well as greater than conventional seal ring jointed PVC pipe systems
  • Reduced installation cost owing to lighter weight reduced pipe dimensions
  • Excellent abrasion and scratch resistant properties
  • Superior resistance to hydrocarbon permeation and chlorine based pipe disinfectants
  • Continuous pull-in lengths exceeding two kilometres.
  • Fusible PVC pipes are potentially the best solution for slip lining, where new PVC pipes are inserted into old pipe systems requiring rehabilitation.
  • Non-Corroding
  • Lowest effect on water quality

PVC offers real benefits giving greater flexibility in design, installation and ultimately cost savings.

The opportunity for PVC in the trenchless pipe rehabilitation sector is growing as designers and installers realise the potential benefits PVC Pipe offers.