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As one of the most widely accepted pipe systems used in modern water systems, Fusible PVC™ pipes now offers engineers in Australia the advanced option of continuous trenchless pipelines. This new trenchless technology offers engineers a solution that takes advantage of using superior thermoplastic pipe solutions to cover a wider range of applications – from both trenchless pressure pipe applications as well as non-pressure.

Iplex Pipelines Novafuse Fusible PVC™ pipe systems provide the only method available in Australia to install a continuous, monolithic, seal-ring free PVC pipe, capable of use in numerous trenchless or conventional "open cut" installations. Applications for Fusible PVC™ Pipeline include pressure and non-pressure pipelines for drinking water, wastewater, electrical, industrial and telecommunications industries.

Engineers choosing Fusible PVC™ trenchless technology will have the advantage of smaller excavations with the overall installation being completed using pre-drilled board holes or by bursting an existing pipeline. Trenchless technology also makes it possible to rehabilitate aging pipelines without digging up the entire pipe system, often restoring both the structural integrity and flow speed of the pipe.

Having thinner walls than alternative materials for virtually the same pressure rating and hydraulic capacity, Fusible PVC™ requires a smaller hole to be drilled, whilst having a higher safe pulling stress due to its significantly higher tensile strength.

On top of the overall project management benefits, engineers now have advantages from both performance and sustainability perspectives by using PVC over alternative material.

The range of useful properties afforded by PVC pipes makes it the most versatile of all pipe materials, a fact attested to by the variety of applications and markets served by PVC pipes. Fusible PVC™ Pipes offer engineers and specifiers the most efficient pipe to move water coupled with overall cost savings thanks to reduced installation costs due to lightweight pipes and reduced overall pipe dimensions.

Fusible PVC™ pipes are potentially the best solution for sliplining, where new PVC pipes are inserted into old pipe systems requiring rehabilitation.

Fusible PVC™ Pipeline is available in Australia from Iplex Pipelines.