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PVC pipes offer installers of trenchless pipelines the widest range of piping options in trenchless technology including Fusible PVC, restraint joint, close fit liners, spiral winding and jacking.

Several different joining options are available when using PVC pipe in trenchless applications. Restraint joints such as Bulldog Restraint System, Certa-Lok  and TerraBrute can be used to join standard PVC pipe for trenchless applications.

Other options include threaded socket/spigot joints using an elastomeric seal and flush rebated joints using solvent welding.

Where seamless joints are required, Fusible PVC™ pipes as developed by Underground Solutions, Inc. are the ideal choice. Fusible PVC™ pipes are available in Australia through Iplex Pipelines.


Trenchless PVC Projects

Applications and projects that are ideal for Trenchless PVC pipelines include Pressure and Non-Pressure pipelines for:

  • Drinking water mains
  • Raw water and industrial process water
  • Pressure Sewer rising mains
  • Gravity Sewer mains
  • Seismically active locations with unstable grounds
  • Hydrocarbon contaminated ground
  • Industrial wastewater / dairy / fishing / meat processing / food processing wastewater
  • Recycled water
  • Stormwater
  • Electrical communications conduit