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Face the challenge of rehabilitating dated infrastructure with Trenchless PVC Pipelines

Construction in densely populated urban settings significantly increases real construction costs while greatly impacting the indirect social costs that are associated with interruptions to the flow of traffic and obstacles to both businesses and the public.

The construction of new underground infrastructure, or the rehabilitation of old infrastructure, presents engineers and contractors with the challenge of minimising the impact of these disruptions on the surface, while making these needed improvements underground.


Trenchless technology has the advantage of smaller excavations with the overall installation being completed using pre-drilled holes or by bursting or relining an existing pipeline. Trenchless technology also makes it possible to rehabilitate aging pipelines without digging up the entire pipe system, often restoring both the structural integrity and flow speed of the pipe, thus greatly minimising the social costs associated with the disruption to traffic, pedestrians, businesses and customers.

Having thinner walls than alternative materials for virtually the same pressure rating and hydraulic capacity, trenchless PVC projects require a smaller hole to be drilled, allowing less spoil to be removed thus reducing disposal costs. On top of the overall project management benefits, engineers now have advantages from both performance and sustainability perspectives by using PVC over alternative materials.

While open-cut traditional installation procedures continue to be the standard method of construction for most new piping projects, various trenchless technology developments are making 'no dig' options more economically viable and appealing where access is a problem. PVC offers the widest range of options for trenchless pipeline projects, including fusible PVC, restraint joint, tight fit liners and spiral winding technology.

Applications and projects that are ideal for Trenchless PVC pipelines include Pressure and Non-Pressure pipelines for:

  • Potable water mains
  • Raw water and industrial process water
  • Pressure Sewer rising mains
  • Gravity Sewer mains
  • Seismically active locations with unstable grounds
  • Hydrocarbon contaminated ground
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Recycled water
  • Stormwater
  • Electrical communications conduit

The rehabilitation of existing sewer and water infrastructure is a challenge faced by all councils and water utilities. PVC has a proven track record of long-term performance and leads the water and sewer industry in market share worldwide. Utilities, design engineers, and contractors are benefiting from the application of PVC pipe products to their pipeline rehabilitation and trenchless installation needs.