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Chemical Resistance

PVC pipes exhibit excellent resistance to a wide range of chemical reagents in temperatures up to 50°C. PVC pipes can be used indoors or to transport chemicals or waste products without risk of materials eating through the pipe.

PVC pipes is suitable to convey most strong acids, alkalies and aqueous solutions (except those which are strongly oxidising), aliphatic hydro carbons, fluorides, photographic and plating solutions, brine, mineral oils, fats and alcohols.

Abrasion Resistance

PVC pipes exhibit outstanding resistance to wear and abrasion. PVC pipe has proven more durable than metal, concrete and clay pipe for the transport of abrasive slurries.

PVC sewer pipe systems meets the most stringent joint tightness standards which benefits by

  • Reducing groundwater infiltration
  • Conserving costly treatment plant capacity,
  • Decreasing sewage exfiltration
  • Preventing root intrusion
  • And overall lowering maintenance costs.

PVC is extremely tough and its abrasion resistance has been confirmed by numerous studies and over 50 years of proven service.