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Water down the drain in QLD wasting more than 20billion litres of water each year

You don’t have to go back too long to remember tight water restrictions in Queensland, timed showers and monitoring your neighbours watering their gardens. While at the moment we are not on water restrictions, the news Queensland Urban Utilities and Unitywater, South East Queensland’s water retailers are washing away more than 20 billion litres of water each year due to burst and leaking water mains is a slap in the face, especially when both water utilities are lobbying for water price hikes of more than $80 per year per household.

An article published in The Courier Mail this week explained that more than 8,800 Olympic Swimming Pools worth of water is being lost yearly, regarded as unaccounted for water by the utilities.

The number one reason for burst and leaking water pipe mains is corrosion. Unlike metal piping, PVC pipes won't rust or corrode over time because they do not react with air and water the way metal does, which results in a significantly longer lifetime of the pipe. PVC pipe is a proven and extremely durable alternative to traditional corrosion prone pipe materials.

The article explained that both water utilities are working to fix the problem.

“A QUU spokeswoman said it was spending $53 million a year repairing and replacing the ageing water mains, which includes 9000km of pipelines.

A Unitywater spokeswoman said it had a dedicated team to track down where water was being lost and had already cut down the amount by nearly a billion litres.”

Until old pipelines are replaced with PVC pipes, the issues will keep occurring.

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