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Video - Cost savings by choosing PVC products

The BPF Vinyls group from the UK have just released a new study into the achievable cost savings of using PVC products over alternatives.

In this quick animated video, the BPF Vinyls Group demonstrates that PVC reduces costs as well as helps develop better housing with improved comfort and insulation.


The video includes details of two local authority case studies. A study conducted for Stockton-on-Tees Council found that it was possible to install twice as many PVC windows as timber windows for the same price. Another study conducted by Green Party lead Brighton and Hove Council found that by using PVC products in the district, instead of alternatives, the Council saves £36 Million over a period of 5 years.

Roger Mottram, Chairman of the BPF Vinyls Group said, "Local authorities that have conducted detailed assessments of the cost and performance of PVC products and alternatives are to be congratulated. The massive cost savings achieved by using PVC products not only ensures that householders are saving on council tax bills, but also enables improved insulation and living conditions in the buildings where high performance PVC products are used."

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