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Updating Australian Infrastructure to eliminate corrosion and maximise the potential for Australia to become a Global Food Super Power

Earlier this month Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister told an international summit that Australia needed to capitalise on the soaring regional need for food in the same way it currently did with resources.

"Just as we have become a minerals and energy giant, Australia can be a great provider of reliable, high-quality food to meet Asia's growing needs," she said.

"In doing this, we are not just an exporter of commodities but a partner in growing international markets and a provider of higher value products and services for the global food industry."

She says Australia needs to become a leader in the area of food production.

To make this achievable, the country is going to need to significantly improve the efficiency and modernise our water infrastructure. A lot of water will have to be moved to the regions where the food can be grown. We can't afford to continue to do this by using open channel irrigation, where up to 90% of the water is lost. Pipeline schemes such as the Wimmera Mallee pipeline system need to be constructed, which will require large volumes of PVC pipe.

PVC pipe will be an essential part of the country’s infrastructure looking ahead if we are to achieve this aim.

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