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Trenchless PVC pipe wins plastics award

At the recent New Zealand Plastics Industry Design Awards, trenchless PVC pipes manufacturer, Iplex Pipelines NZ Ltd was recognised for two local horizontal directional drilling projects using Fusible PVC™ pipe systems. The biennial awards acknowledge and promote excellence in the creation, design, production, manufacture, and marketing of plastic products or components.

One of the trenchless PVC pipeline projects recognised for the award was the Hingaia Peninsula Trunk Sewer Project in Papakura, part of Auckland City. The highlight of the Project was its record-breaking pull of 1,050 m of Fusible PVC™ Pipe, the longest pull back of a single, continuous thermoplastic pipe-string installed via horizontal directional drilling.

Numerous challenges were faced and overcome on the Hingaia project. The superior tensile strength and hydraulic capacity of relatively thin-walled Fusible PVC™ pipe reduced construction risks and provided economic benefits.

Trenchless PVC Pipes offer many advantages for trenchless projects, including features such as long lengths, corrosion resistance, lightweight and ease of installation with minimum disruption.

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is the most commonly used trenchless process for installing water pipe. HDD is employed for a myriad of other applications where the benefits of trenchless installation can be derived.

Applications for Fusible PVC™ Pipeline include pressure and non-pressure pipelines for drinking water, wastewater, electrical, industrial and telecommunications industries.

While Fusible PVC™ pipes are being increasingly widely being used in trenchless projects in North America and New Zealand, they are yet to be used in Australia – this situation is expected to change in the near future.


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