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PVC pipes continue to prove material of choice over other materials

PVC pipes are truly a product of modern technology, being used in the developed world for over 50 years and with proven benefits in water infrastructure the main of which being it is Corrosion Free - Download Free Report - When Water Quality Matters, Corrosion is Not Sustainable.

A recent report from US City North Tonawanda, New York, again demonstrates that city's and water utilities are slow to change to PVC piping even though it far exceeds the life expectancy of previously used pipe materials - Ductile and Cast Iron as well as having the obvious advantages of cost savings over the life time of the infrastructure and lower maintenance requirements. 

The City of North Tonawanda are only now looking to replace a 120mile portion of its water infrastructure to PVC pipes. Some key reasons cited for the introduction of the pilot project include

"With regards to this specific project and the 50-year guarantee of the PVC piping after its in the ground, this would save the city approximately 40 percent in costs over the period of 20 years, with consideration to the piping being installed correctly."

"In the past, the city has replaced faulty lines with Cast Iron and Ductile Iron piping. According to Marshall, the advantage of Ductile is its strength, and the disadvantages are its slickness. Another disadvantage to the current pipes is the accumulation of debris."

“Ductile Iron is a great product. The problem that I am starting to see is that we are repairing a lot of Ductile Iron,” said Rowles. “And when you get into the roads or where you cross the street, I would really like to see that pipe replaced so we don’t have to revisit it again. When you look at the cost of the asphalt and the cost of repairing a road it’s expensive.” 

Read the Full Report here

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