With 2012 all but over, I wanted to share a quick look back at some of the issues in the PVC pipe industry for 2012


Cost savings of using PVC Pipes
PVC pipes continues to prove themselves as a material of choice by offering is significant cost savings, even more so when installation, low breakage rates and life cycle costs are taken into consideration.

The longevity of the pipes also mean the pipes function more efficiently, reducing maintenance and ongoing work to the pipe making it more affordable over time. Use our PVC Calculator to see how much you can save on your next project 

Corrosion a problem for 75% of water utilities
2012 saw the release of a major new study from the Utah State University Buried Structures Laboratory on water main break rates for the United States and Canada.
A major finding of the study is that PVC pipe has the lowest overall failure rate when compared to cast iron, ductile iron, concrete, steel and asbestos cement pipes.

Another major finding includes corrosion is a major cause of water main breaks: 75 percent of all utilities have corrosive soil conditions and combined with a high portion of old cast iron and ductile iron pipes, corrosion is ranked the second highest reason for water main pipe failure. Download our When water Quality Matters Corrosion is not sustainable Report

Superior Toughness of PVC-O pipes over Ductile Iron Proven
Recent extreme field tests carried out by Think Pipes Think PVC again showed the superior toughness of PVC-O pipes vs Ductile Iron in the field. test one pvco driven over by excavatorPVC-O has established an enviable reputation as a high performance, durable
pipe material which is ideal for pressure pipe and water supply applications. It is
light and easy to handle, but tough and resistant to damage. View the full extreme field testing video here