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PVC-O Pipes - best solutions for high pressure network water transfer

A challenge of the PVC pipes industry has been to push the traditional limit of PVC-O pipes past 300mm without lowering the orientation degree and decreasing the material quality, ensuring pipes are available for pressure ranges up to 25 bars.

The technology is now available to produce PVC-O pipe in sizes ranging between 500mm and 800mm, ideal to move water brought to the surface during CSG mining.

Transferring water from the gas fields to water treatment plants requires high pressure, longer length pipelines.

Compared to polyethylene (PE) and metal pipes, the relatively thin but strong PVC-O pipes have greater water volume carrying capacity and lower susceptibility to water hammer, particularly compared with steel and cast iron pipes due to lower wave speed.

PVC pipes potentially offer a 20 per cent cost reduction in building water pipeline infrastructure over PE pipes, in sizes between 500mm and 800mm. PVC pipe is also the best option for the distributing treated water back to the environment.

The release of PVC-O pipe up to diameters DN 600mm makes them the best solution for water transfer within medium and high pressure networks.

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