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PVC Pipe Industry News

PVC Industry News from Think Pipes Think PVC

Predictions in PVC Pipe Industry for 2013

We couldn't include a Retrospective of 2012 without looking at predictions and trends for the PVC pipe industry in 2013

Fusible PVC pipes
Fusible PVC Pipe projects have been carried out overseas with the US recently reporting the world’s longest trenchless PVC pipeline - 7,400 feet (2.25km) of PVC pipeline in the City of Napa, California.napa1

In Australia, Trenchless PVC pipe systems are starting to gain attention and in 2013, we expect to see projects choosing the Novafuse Fusible PVC Pipe system from Iplex Pipelines to install continuous, monolithic, seal-ring free PVC pipe, capable of use in numerous trenchless or conventional “open cut” installations.

For engineers facing the constant challenge of rehabilitating dated infrastructure or constructing new projects in busy community areas, trenchless PVC pipelines are an excellent way to minimise impact disruptions while executing a seamless project on time and within budget. Read more about Fusible PVC Pipes

PVC-O Pressure Pipe Sizes
The availability of PVC-O pressure pipe above 300mm diameter and up to PN25 pressure rating is completely new to Australia, only available due to new technology having been developed within the past 2 years.

2013 will see the use of PVC-O pipes in larger diameter pipe projects as these larger PVC pipes have the same performance and cost saving qualities as the smaller diameter PVC pipes, as well as the many other benefits PVC-O pipes offer over alternative pressure pipe systems

Pipe Effect on Water Quality
Recent reports have shown that PVC pipe outperforms alternative materials in reducing the effect the pipe has on water quality and chemistry. This topic will be discussed in more detail in 2013.

First Fusible PVC Pipeline in Local Region near Au...
PVC Pipe Retrospective 2012