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NEW TECHNICAL PAPER - PVC vs Ducile Iron (DI) Pressure Pipe for Water Mains

A new bulletin out today from John F. Houle P.E, the Techincal Director of Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association demonstrates the difference and clear superiority of PVC pressure pipe over Ductile Iron for water mains. The bulletin included a two page report that directly compares the two pipes across a range of areas including potability, pipe stiffness, hydraulics and fittings to name a few. The report show the differences in the pipe types and the benefits of using PVC pipe vs Ductile Iron.

Download PVC vs Ductile Iron Report

Taken from the report with thanks to Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association

During 60 years of sustained growth for PVC water pipe, iron pipe’s market share has decreased dramatically. The iron industry has reacted by negative attacks and by spreading misinformation about PVC pipe. We thought it was time to provide a more-balanced view.

Health and Safety

PVC is used in over 40,000 municipalities in North America because it meets all health and safety regulations – some 10 million quality tests have been conducted on water carried through PVC pipe since it was introduced. Health and safety are major reasons why most new installations of drinking-water distribution pipe are PVC.

Why the Move from Iron to PVC?

A combination of two factors is driving the move from iron to PVC:
• Increased focus on replacement of our decaying and corroding water infrastructure.
• Recognition that thinner-walled DI corrodes sooner than traditional cast iron pipe products (See: Utah State University’s 2012 Water Main Break Rates in the USA and Canada: A Comprehensive Study).

Transitioning from Iron to PVC Pipe: A Smooth and Seamless Process

The DI industry has argued that the transition to PVC is so difficult it would be better to stay with underperforming iron. In fact, the typical move to PVC has been smooth and seamless. Here are the facts:
• Same outside diameters – for the municipal water market, PVC pipe and DI pipe are manufactured in the same cast-iron outside diameter regimen.
• Same fittings, valves, and appurtenances – the same slip-on or mechanical joint fittings, valves, and appurtenances used with DI can be used with PVC pipe in the same manner. This ensures that product styles and installation procedures will be familiar to the waterworks professional.

We encourage you to contrast and compare and to include PVC pipe in your upcoming water project bids. Join the growing number of water utilities that are  using PVC pipe the better-performing pipe.. 

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