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Federal funding for Stormwater and Reuse Projects need to include PVC Pipes for Sustainability

Water week recently announced Federal funding for stormwater and reuse projects, allocating more than $42million in funding for nine innovative and sustainable stormwater harvesting and re-use projects to help secure was supplies in urban areas across Australia. ( 22 August 2012

PVC pipes are the most environmentally sustainable pipe option for these projects, providing water infrastructure a resilient and high-quality option, making it ideal for long term asset management. 

Councils already identified as receiving funding for this project include Hurstville City Council, Brisbane City Council and Rural City of Murray Bridge. With projects required to focus on providing sustainable, long term alternatives, Council’s need to include PVC pipes in the scope for Stormwater Harvesting and management projects as well as Water reuse scheme. 

PVC piping is one of the world’s most sustainable products, making it ideal for long-term term use in underground infrastructure. It requires less energy and fewer resources to manufacture than old-technology materials, and its production creates virtually no waste.

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