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Co-Founder and Former leader of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore speaks on the benefits of PVC Pipes

My esteemed colleague in the US Bruce Hollands, Executive Director of the PVC Pipe Association recently posted an article about Co-Founder and Former Leader of Greenpeace, Dr Patrick Moore speaking out on the benefits of PVC Pipe.  Greenpeace are long time critics of PVC so it’s an important statement that Dr Moore has come out in PVCs defence. View the full interview here. 

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In his recent book, Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout, Co-founder and former Leader of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore discusses the importance and usefulness of PVC pipe to our society as well as its environmental and safety attributes. He says: “It is far superior to concrete or steel pipes as it seldom breaks down and does not corrode.  Vinyl pipe that has been buried for 50 years shows no sign of corrosion or decay.  It is likely it could remain in service for 500 years or more…”

In a recent interview with Sun TV Dr. Moore reiterates PVC pipe’s many advantages, including its affordability, corrosion resistance, leak-free joints, lower operation and maintenance costs, etc

PVC piping is one of the world’s most sustainable products, making it ideal for long-term term use in underground infrastructure. It requires less energy and fewer resources to manufacture than old-technology materials, and its production creates virtually no waste. 

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