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Burst water main pipe in Melb sent a water 80 metres in the air. 2-million litres water gone

Today in Glen Waverley, Melbourne a burst pipeline sent residents scrambling from their homes as water was sent shooting up into the sky an estimate up to 80m. Roofs collapsed and extensive property and cars were damaged.  The main supplies water from Silvan Reservoir to more than 100,000 homes and businesses in Melbourne's southeast.

Reports estimate that 2 million litres of water was washed away in the incident.


Corrosion is the Number One reason for Burst Water Mains

Escalating deterioration of water and sewer systems due to corrosion, leaks and breaks in old-technology pipe materials threaten our ability to provide safe drinking water and essential sanitation services both today and in future generations.

Unlike metal piping, PVC pipes won't rust or corrode over time because it does not react with air and water the way metal does, which results in a significantly longer lifetime of the pipe.

The cost of water main break repair is not only calculated in terms of repair costs, but also in terms of lost water, replacement of corroded pipes and implementation of corrosion-mitigation measures, which are ineffective since they only delay an unavoidable outcome. This should also include the high costs of emergency equipment, traffic disruptions, and lost work time and the social and financial impact of damage to the personal property of residents unwittingly caught up in pipeline failures.

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