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PVC Pipes

Offering Sustainability & Performance


Think Pipes Think PVC is a joint initiative set up to provide a range of resources on the environmental and performance benefits of PVC Pipes.


When moving water PVC Pipes offer widespread advantages including increased water flow resulting in fewer blockages and overall cost reductions. PVC Pipe offers reliable and durable water transfer for a range of markets including Coal Seam Gas, Sewerage, Stormwater, Agriculture, and Mining.

PVC Pipes offer the widest range of options for trenchless pipeline projects including fusible PVC, restraint joint, tight fit liners, and spiral winding technology.

The release of PVC-O Pipe with diameters up to DN 600mm make them the best solution for medium and high pressure networks for potable water supply, sewer rising mains, recycled water systems, irrigation systems, and pumping systems.



03 September 2015
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19 August 2015
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14 August 2015
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